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How do I choose a language course abroad?
We understand that you are browsing through offers, looking at all the schools on the internet, and still you're not sure. We understand that investing in a course abroad is financially demanding, so leave these problems to us and we will do all we can to choose the right course for you. Simply tell us which language want to learn and which destination you would prefer, along with your ideas of what you expect from the course. You can specify the age of the student and any preferences concerning course type and accommodation.

Age of students
Your age is important to us in order for us to be able to find the most suitable school. A typical age group for a children's course is 12-15 years, but it is also possible to arrange courses without the parents for children from 9 years of age, and with parents for children as young as 3 years old. We are also happy to meet the demand for “young adults” of 16-17 years of age, who do not yet formally fit into adult courses, but are no longer considered suitable for a “children’s course”.
Generally, the age range of students on adult courses is lower in the summer months, so if you fall into the 30+ category it may be better to request a time of year other than the high summer season, although there are also schools that offer year-round adult courses. The executive business English courses for company managers are some of the most popular. Students on these courses have a year-round average age of 41. However, there are also schools which offer special courses for the 40+ and 50+ age groups.

Focus of the course
Courses can be focussed on your profession; most clients opt for general language courses, but we also offer courses in business or technical English, as well as schools that specialise in courses linked to professional clients.

Intensity of the course
When it comes to the intensity of a course, the most common is 15-20 lessons per week, with lessons usually lasting 45 minutes (although there are schools where lessons last 50 or 60 minutes). If you prefer a more intensive course, it is possible to have 25-30 lessons per week, as well as the possibility of a course of individual lesson times.

The most common type of accommodation is homestay with a host family, which is generally the best value and offers you the opportunity to be a part of the real culture of the country, up close and personal. It also often happens that students stay in contact with their “family”, even once the course has finished, and continue to visit them. With homestay host families it is possible to stay in single or double rooms with meals available from just breakfast up to full-board. When choosing the host family, we take into account your personal preferences, dietary needs, and any allergies. Clients who prefer a little more privacy after a day at school would probably rather stay in their own apartment, or the always favourite option of “private home”, where you live with a host family but have your own room in a separate part of the house with self-catering. This option frees you from the limiting routine of your host family.
In some locations, younger students can also live in school residences – resembling the routine and style of university halls of residence. 
For children under 15 years of age, we recommend staying in all-inclusive residences, where the schooling and accommodation are in the same place, on the campus of a fully equipped school (in England these schools are similar to the beautiful “Harry Potter” castle).
The more demanding clients can take advantage of “Executive Home Stay” with a first-class family and a high standard of accommodation, with hotel accommodation also available depending on location and category.

When choosing the location, consider accessibility – larger towns are more easily accessible from the Czech Republic and airport transfers to your accommodation will be cheaper; on the other hand, you will probably have to travel every day to the school, as most accommodation is outside city centres.
In small towns it will probably be necessary to use the airport transfers offered by the school (but we can also help more independent clients arrange their own transport), but you can take advantage of the shorter distances to school, and some accommodation is even within walking distance of the school.

How long do I go for?
Of course, the old adage “the longer the better” applies, and we are happy to organise a course for however long you wish. Most Czech students go for 2 weeks, and this is often the minimum length of courses abroad, but for clients unable to go for even two weeks, we can arrange an intensive week-long course. 

How do I get to my destination country and from the airport to the school?
Our services include free assistance with the purchase of flights; we cooperate with a number of airlines from whom we can directly arrange flights for you. All of the schools we offer also provide airport transfers to and from the airport.

I want to send my children on a course abroad, but...
We understand your concerns and we can choose a course where your child will be taken care of for the whole duration of the course, and students under the age of 18 can have guaranteed transfers from the airport to the school, where a representative of the school personally meets the child at the airport and takes them to the school. For younger children we can arrange an “unaccompanied minor” ticket, where, after check-in at the airport, a flight attendant from the airline will personally take care of the child for the rest of the airport process, onto the aeroplane, and after landing will personally take the child to meet the school representative in the arrivals hall. 

How much pocket money should I take with me?
To be on the safe side we recommend keeping the 100/week rule; i.e. £100 per week, €100 per week. Most schools offer accommodation with breakfast and evening meal, so pocket money is just for your own personal shopping or other expenses, such as personal trips.
Will a school abroad take my language level into account?
Yes, all schools divide students according to level with tests, including a spoken interview. We also try to accommodate you with students of other nationalities, and the schools often keep the international blend when dividing students into groups.

How do I book a course abroad?
Once you have chosen a course, or you have asked us to help with the choice and we have sent you a course calculation including the specifications for other services (flights, insurance, transfers), we will send you an application form for the chosen school, which we can also help you complete.
On the basis of this form the school will reserve you a place on the course and accommodation, and once the course has been paid for we will send you confirmation of course reservation, including information on the first day’s schedule and transfers.

Whichever course you would like to book, simply send us an email:
martin.jiranek@eufrat.cz or call us on +420 724 561 001
and we will pleased to get in touch. And please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your question in this section.
We look forward to hearing from you and your further enquiries.